Thursday, February 22, 2007

It's Thursday...

Just to update:
  • I did get my Bible study done on Tuesday night ... standing strong against the temptation of American Idol's 2 hour show. (Now that we are past the ghastly audition stage, I can watch again).
  • I've done fairly good with keeping up with the housekeeping ... although I need to mop the kitchen today and I'm avoiding it. I actually may wait and do it tonight after the girls go to bed and then I don't have to keep them out of there.
  • I've read to at least one of the girls each day.
  • Need to work out our daily plan on paper ...

However, I also:

  • Made four meals for the freezer today from my Saving Dinner freezer recipes that I've been trying out. Two batches of ground beef gyros, one meatloaf, and one batch of Carribean Chicken that smelled HEAVENLY and is for the grill. If the weather holds up, guess what we'll be testing out next week, oh yes. :-)
  • Went to bed at 10 p.m. last night. It was pretty fabulous, too.

Nothing terribly earthshaking, but a few things have been checked off the list. :-) Now, N2 is napping, N1 is playing a computer games, and I'm going to steal a few afternoon minutes (with the window open to enjoy is almost-balmy weather), and watch an episode of West Wing on DVD. Life is good.

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