Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Flying By...

One crazy day around here. The littlest munchkin is down for her morning nap, hopefully to shake the massive case of the crabbies out of her system. She apparently woke up on the wrong side of her crib this morning. And unfortunately, while this is one of those days where I would LOVE to hole up at home and just cuddle and play, we have to get out and run several errands. Groceries are a pressing need around here, I have a half-dozen ebay packages to drop off at the post office, and we're having last minute company for dinner tonight ... so the new recipe that I was going to try out on my unsuspecting family needs to be substituted for a tried and true that I can get ready on a busy day. :-)

I also have a huge Punkin' Press order to finish for tomorrow. The youngest son of one of my favorite families in the whole world is getting married. (Lexie, this is the folks we have the couple shower to go to on Saturday!) I guess that means I need to get a gift this week for sure. Add that to my list for this week, too!

I'll leave you with a newly discovered Good Thing - coffee (specifically Folgers Breakfast Blend) with a splash of chocolate milk in it. Seriously, Starbucks could sell it and call it some fancy-schmancy name and it would be a winner. Off to pour another cup and get some schtuff done whilst N2 naps and N1 plays on the computer.

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