Sunday, February 04, 2007

More Good Things

  • Snow coming down as we left for church this morning.
  • Getting to sing special music with an old friend that was in town this weekend.
  • Lunch with GOOD friends.
  • Lunch with good friends at McDonalds. (You know they are good friends if they are up for Sunday lunch at McDs!)
  • Watching our respective six kids play together at McD ... and watching my N1 play hard with my friend's 5 year old.
  • Catching up with a friend that doesn't ask the wrong questions ... "where are you going to PUT this baby?", "are you done now?" Those kinds of questions.
  • Being with kids that I would never hesitate my girls playing with and looking up too (even though they aren't that much older than my own munchkins).
  • Big Macs. Haven't had one of those in forever.
  • Home early on a Sunday afternoon. (Normally we spend Sundays at the grandparents and not that we don't love to go over there, it is fabulous to be home and the girls to both get Sunday afternoon naps).
  • The smell of soup simmering on the stove. Unbelieveable.
  • Plans to watch the Superbowl with my guy tonight.
  • And eat veggies and dip.
  • Probably curled up under the blankets on the couch.
  • Drinking diet root beer. Totally craving root beer right now.
  • We are so blessed.

    1. Lexie5:12 PM

      have lots and lots of kids no matter how much it costs!! :) :) i love my brothers and sister! christmas is so much fun with lots of people in the house!(college gets cheaper the more you have enrolled, haha)

    2. Pattie7:32 PM

      I would NEVER say things like that unless I was kidding about the whole space in the house thing...

    3. people are just jealous of your courage. we have some friends with 4 kids... oldest is 7 and youngest is 14 months. they are such an inspiration!


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