Monday, February 05, 2007

Menu Plan Monday - 2/4

My menu for this week as I have it planned thus far. (Always contigent on what grocery money I end up being allowed to spend). :-) And, a clarification for several that asked last week ... the Saving Dinner recipes that I am using are NOT from one of those places that you go to and make bulk meals. The ones where they provide all the ingredients, and you just go and mix it up and take home the containers. These are just recipes from the Saving Dinner website - they provide the recipe, I provide the ingredients and the kitchen to assemble in. :-) Just didn't want to be misleading. And the meatloaf and BBQ chicken that I tried last week?? Very very good.
Monday: Leftover Chili Blanco from last night ... sooooo good! With cornbread.
Tuesday: Ginger chicken breasts with chinese coleslaw (another new recipe Saving Dinner, freezer meals)
Wednesday: Breakfast Cassarole, fruit salad (I have to take food to Bible study today so I'm just going to double the breakfast cassarole and make one for Bible study and one for dinner.)
Thursday: Ground beef gyros, salad (new recipe from Saving Dinner, freezer meals)
Friday: Pizza
Saturday: Continental Chicken (crockpot) ... may or may not make this. We have a couples wedding shower that night, and depending on time, a real dinner may or may not happen.
More menus and inspiration can be found at Org Junkies!


  1. Saving Dinner website is really cool. I'm all for supporting people making dinner at home.
    Happy Library Lover's Month.

  2. Lexie4:01 PM

    whose getting married? anyone from church i know?


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