Friday, February 09, 2007

Today's News

  • It's freezing outside today. Right now it's 23 degrees.
  • I love cold weather.
  • But I also need to run an errand and I don't want to get the girls out in said cold weather.
  • I have GOT to buy a wedding shower gift.
  • I'm making cinnamon rolls for lunch.
  • It's that kind of day.
  • The littlest munchkin is feeling poorly. Fever, sniffles, the works. I'm really hoping that her recent ear infection is NOT returning.
  • So I really don't want to get her out in this cold.
  • Off to pop the rolls in the over. I leave you with a few recent scrappin' pages I did.

    Split, Croatia

    This is the first picture that I have scrapped from my 1998 mission trip to Split, Croatia. I'm almost feeling the urge to work on the album. Almost.

    Sophie Marigold

    Giggling Girls

    1. beautiful pages!!!

      i really must organize my things, print off some pics, and get going on baby bear's book. i think i'll be going back to her blog for journalling ideas.

      i know what you mean about going outside. we're still in our pj's in our house!

    2. Beautiful pages as ever :-)
      I'm good at having ideas, but things never turn out quite how I expect them to!

    3. I'm new here-found you through Family-Friendly Blogroll. Re: your page-is that vellum you wrote on? I didn't even know you could write on vellum-I've only typed entries and printed them off on vellum paper. Do you need a certain kind of pen?


    Thanks for commenting!