Monday, February 19, 2007

Read to Me!

I'm going to participate in the Read to Me challenge over at Snapshot. Jennifer @ Snapshot is a new-to-me-blog and I'm not sure how I've missed out on her before as her blog is chock full of reading goodness, and this challenge is no exception. Go here if you are interested in participating and then here to actually join in the fun.

I love to read. Love, love, love it. When my first daughter was born, I had visions of long cuddling times of reading before naps and bedtimes ... really all the time. That was before I met N1. As she is Miss Super-Active, she has never been interested in sitting for any length of time to read. Those times I did try ended up being very frustrating for me and her. So I stopped trying.

Fast forward to now, and I've finally got a child who is ready to be read to. Yea! However, I'm 7+ months pregnant so lap sitting is not an option and we don't even want to talk about getting out of breath! :-) But, seriously, she is ready to be read to and I want to do it. My goals for N1 (3) are to read two books a day at least and if I can get in more with her, even better! I don't have any specific book list I'm going to try and work through. I'm just going to try and do two a day - one after lunch with both my girls, and then one at bedtime. (My 2nd daughter is just a year ... she loves to chew on look at picture books, and I'm going to have a goal of looking at two of those a day with her, probably at her nighttime bedtime (and then she'll hear me read to sister after lunch).

Nothing grandiose or awe-inspiring. Just baby-steps, but I'm hoping that it was set a pattern that I can keep up with even after #3 arrives and eventually add on to in the months to come.

Thanks, Jennifer for hosting this!


  1. You'll set them up for a lifetime love of reading! One of the reasons I think I love it so much is not only the fact that my mom read to us, but oftentimes we would see her reading herself, just for fun.

  2. I had a wiggler, too, whose taste in books didn't come close to my own. What helped us during those times was to listen to books on CD in the car (not as good as the handheld, but at least they soak up the language and mental imagery).

    I also started keeping two or three thin books in my bag at all times. We would pull them out in checkout lines, in the doctor's waiting room, etc. They seemed a lot more interesting to him then than they did at home.

  3. I've "seen" you around Stephanie--we've got friends of friends here in blogworld. I'm glad you have jumped on board, and it sounds like you have your hands full, so baby steps are good. If it starts a habit you can stick with, it will be worth it.


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