Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Felicities ::: October 24


Things that make me happy...

~ a rainy day at home. Dark and cloudy outside, but cozy inside.
~ my little holiday notebook. Nothing fancy, but a specific place to jot down ideas and thoughts instead of trying to hang onto them in my head (which is not entirely successful). :)
~ anticipation of mexican food for dinner tonight. Normally, Friday is pizza night, but since we are out of the pizza cheese, I will be forced to substitute with mexican. Yum.
~ my journal - a happy hodgepodge of clips, quotes (from books & girls) and all the other miscellany that my brain needs a spot for.
~ girls and pink. They just go together. :)

Happy Friday! Link up yours over at Becky's and share what makes you happy this day!


  1. You moved your blog again...good thing I'm paying attention.

  2. Great list :) and I have to say your girls are ADORABLE! These latest pics are great!

  3. I like pizza with cheddar cheese too. I bet mexican cheese is good too. I may have to try that.

  4. I admire you soooooo much!!! All your adorable photos and organization. You are just awesome.


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