Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Little Catch Up

My Girls

Where to even begin with catching up. Not that there has been anything that big that has happened. Just life, and lots of it. Lots of playing outside, enjoying the fall (cooler) weather that has arrived. Lots and LOTS of reading - my own and with the girls and it has been good! Lots of plans being made for the next several months. Nothing major, but I'm trying to be more deliberate in my days with the girls. Making plans and sticking with them - a concept I love, but had slid by the wayside a bit. :) A few details...
  • Thursday Tea - we've instituted a late afternoon tea-time on Thursdays. We get out fancy tea cups, eat a special snack, and read together, starting with N1's Awana lesson for the coming week. (Confession: this idea is not original to me, but from one of my favorite homeschooling blogs.) :) Sometimes we do a craft, but that changes week to week with the temperment and nap schedules of the littlest girls. (Ie., no/poor nap = no craft!)
  • We have cut out a lot of the girls' TV and computer time during the week. For the most part, Monday through Friday is TV free. We have a family movie night on Friday night - and by family I mean something for the girls! - and then they might watch a little bit either Saturday or Sunday. The computer wasn't as big of a deal to me as the TV, but the baby was always wanting to see what the big girls were doing on the computer and trying to climb up on the table and on them so it just worked to cut the computer out unless E was sleeping. They might get 20-30 minutes before she gets up from her afternoon nap, but that's it, if any.
  • This past weekend was the annual Fall Festival at our church. Travis was in charge of coordinating the afternoon (and he did a GREAT job with it!) and I spent the day following around N2 for the most part. N1 had a blast and ran from booth to booth while N2 was a little more cautious. E mostly "assisted" her aunt at the hot dog and hamburger stand, but she also had a big time watching Daddy play in the band, as did we all. :)
  • N1 and I are reading Charlotte's Web together. She has seen the movie (once, maybe twice?) so she has a some understanding of the story. It's been a LONG time since I've read it and we are thoroughly enjoying it together. Especially since we have pledged to watch the movie together when we finish the book.
  • I downloaded Sara Groves' Christmas album today. Delicious. I highly recommend it if you are in need of new Christmas music to listen. Mellow, soothing, calm music. And some wonderful arrangements of some classics.
  • I'm blogging back at my blogger blog for the time being. I missed some of the features of blogger, and I'm trying to decide if I want to leave my blog up on my own domain or combine mine with Travis' site. Either way, I'll probably keep blogging at my blogger address, and redirect it later. Sorry for all the switcheroos on this, but if you don't mind changing your bookmarks to here, I would appreciate it. :)
Well, that's enough for tonight. :) I have a little church work that I need to wrap up and Travis will be home from music team rehearsal at church shortly and I want to hang with him some. Oh, and there is a Diet Coke and my current library book calling my name, too. :)

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