Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kids Pick ::: The Great Blueness & Other Predicaments

The Great Blueness and other Predicaments found its way into our library basket a few weeks ago and became an instant hit. (A shame because it's out of print!)

Arnold Lobel is probably most famous for his Frog and Toad books - a favorite of mine and my sister's as a child. The Great Blueness tells the story of a time where there was no color in the world. Every thing was gray; thus the period was called the Great Grayness. :) A wizard, who liked making things in his workshop was puttering around one day and came up with an interesting concoction - he called it BLUE! Once the townspeople saw the blue (and because they were so tired of the Great Grayness) they asked the wizard to share his blue with them and soon everything was blue.

Well, of course, there were problems with everything being blue, so the wizard makes another color. And another. Until finally the color challenged townspeople reach a solution that makes life wonderful and splendid!

When I asked Noelle why she liked The Great Blueness, she said that she liked the colors in the story. She also like the people and the beautiful dresses that the author drew. She also wanted to add that she liked it very, very much! :)

If your library has this in stock, I recommend that you check it out with your child. And, if Arnold Lobel is a new author to you, he is worth a look at as well.

This post is written in conjunction with Five Minutes for Books' Kid's Pick Tuesday. Head over to their site to see other books recommended by kids for kids!

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