Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday 13 - Thirteen Things about the 31st!

1. Tomorrow is Halloween.
2. That's not something that we have celebrated with the girls thus far.
3. I take that back - we took N1 to the mall one time to trick-or-treat and she was most freaked out by the costumes.
4. So we're having a little family shin-dig here at home.
5. Pizza. (Our Friday night staple).
6. Mozzarella cheese sticks. (My suggestion and I'm excited about these.) :)
7. Pizza rolls. (T's suggestion). :)
8. Juicy-coke. Which is what the girls call carbonated beverages.
9. And candy. I let them go a little nuts at Walmart.
10. Twizzlers, jelly beans, and some chocolate.
11. Of course, there is a special movie for the evening - one for the children and one for the adults.
12. I'm excited about this new little tradition we are starting.
13. I hope the girls have a good time.


  1. Ohhh I wanna see Journey to the Center of the Earth!

  2. i have never heard of trick or treating at the mall?

    i just wrote an entry about how my mom was never into halloween. is there a reason why you havent celebrated it thus far?


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