Friday Felicites with 10 on the 10th!


Combining today to list ten of my favorite movies that make me happy. Some of these I've been itching to watch for a while now and since my husband has some work travel coming up, I'm going to make an extra effort to get these to the top of my Netflix queue while he'll be gone. :)

Yes. This is my all-time favorite movie. I can't help it. I love Star Wars and the story behind it.

I had a good friend in college that introduced me to the music from this movie before I ever saw the movie itself ... "Good mornin', good mornin'! It's great to stay up late! Good mornin', good morning', to you! (and you and you and you)..."

Daisies ARE the friendliest flowers. :)

This movie just makes me smile. :) Funny, quirky, family movie.

I watched this movie over and over after I had N1 while I would nurse her. Such happy memories of that fall and winter. (It was easier to just leave the same movie in the DVD player and this movie is so beautiful ... and there are so many nuances to pick up on). This movie makes me want to make tea, write letters, journal, and fill my home with fresh flowers. Happy, happy movie. :)

Another musical/movie that brings back memories when N1 was a baby ... and from family movie nights when it was on TV only one time a year. :)

I will admit freely that I am *not* a fan of the movie Pretty Woman. However, this movie is so fun. One, because I have always wanted to move to the Northeastern US and live, even for a season ... Maine, Maryland. The season are beautiful there and I love the glimpse of them in this movie. Two, because it is set in a small town. Small towns are so neat for their local quirks and character.

This is a Christmas tradition for me and my husband ... we watch this every year together. My favorite of the three is the The Two Towers. :)

What little girl didn't grow up loving (the original) The Parent Trap? I know mine will be taught early about this classic. :)

Yes, I loved this movie. Something about the creativity and imagination behind the story. And, I do love me some good special effects.

Yes, I would have a dozen children if God and my husband would let me. Seriously. This movie is like living that vicariously for me. :)

And, a bonus ... if you have not seen this quirky movie that Tom Hanks wrote and directed, it is wonderful and the soundtrack just rocks. I have such good memories of this movie and the music associated with this. It makes me happy.

So, now you see my taste in movies. :) Silly, special effects, music, and families seem to be the themes here. Do you have any favorites that fall in these categories? And, if you want to post a list of what is making you happy this week, head over to Becky's for Friday Felicities; if you want to list 10 of whatever you want(!) head over to Meredith's at Lifeat7000feet!


  1. Great list of movies- some I agree are great, others I need to watch!! I LOVE you've got mail- think it is so cute!!

  2. I LOoooOOooooOOve your taste in movies!! I think the only one on your list that gives me pause is Jurassic Park. I just didn't "get" that craze. But the rest!? Sure, I'd do a girl's movie night with you ANY time! =D

    (I LOVE That Thing You Do....)

    Very fun! VERY fun!

  3. Great list!! I have seen EVERY SINGLE one of those movies, and either I agree with you or the men who live in my house agree with you!!!

    Jane Austen movies make me just want to weep all over myself!!!

  4. Anonymous7:59 PM

    Love That Thing You Do - Makes me want to bop my head and wear ankle socks.

  5. i have been trying to get that thing you do for awhile now, but my family video doesnt have it! ugh!

    also i bought the soundtrack to the sound of music on vinyl from goodwill! i love it!

  6. I've never seen That Thing You Do...must rent it soon!

    I love, love, love most all of those movies...and own most of them too!

    I'm 8 posts behind on your blog, friend. Gonna have to catch up soon!


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