A New Favorite Thing

I spotted these the other day in Joann's and they have quickly become my new favorite thing for the girls. These silicone cupcake liners are perfect and just the right size for little hands - they hold snacks, condiments for dipping (no more ketchup smearing all over everything on their plate), dip for veggies, and just the right amount of applesauce or yogurt for them.

I only wish I had bought a set of red and blue ones to use for this past 4th of July holiday weekend! :) They also have these teddy bear ones ... how cute!


  1. These are so cute! I recently saw a video on YouTube where they used these silicon baking cups to cook on campouts and backpacking trips... they steamed brownies in them. I have been contemplating purchasing some. I saw some with feet on them at Walmart! LOL

  2. ACK! I didn't think about using them as snack cups!!!!!!! ARRRRRGGGG.......(our Joann's sold out of the bears where I could have used that coupon!)

    I've never bought them because I don't like baking in silicone but those cupcake holders are SO CUTE....

    Sigh. Good thinking!

  3. So, I've seen these little cups everywhere, but NEVER thought of them to be a perfect use for other things beside cupcakes! Now I am so upset I didn't think of that first!!! :) HA! What a great idea!!! Can't wait to pick up some next time I see them out!!!


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