July 6 Daybook

Outside my Window ... cloudy and grey. Google weather says that should clear off, but I'm kinda liking the break from the heat.

I am thinking
... of the incredibly relaxing weekend that we had as a family. Oh my. It was just what I needed. Very little running around. Lots of home time with just us.

I am thankful for ... a husband that is willing to sleep outside in the tent with the girls last night. They were so excited about sleeping in the backyard and he and the N's camped out last night. They had so much fun - the girls sent me text messages from the backyard via Daddy's phone and I received them in the comfort of the air-conditioned family room. :)

In the learning room ... less than a month until we start kindergarten! :) We're getting excited over here. We still have a few things up in the air with N1's plans for this fall regarding her participation in a tutorial (2-day/week) program. I'm still leaning towards doing all of her K here at home, but we felt like we needed to at least check out this new program (for several reasons).

From the kitchen ... something like this:

Monday (7/6): southwest taco salad, corn chips
Tuesday (7/7): fried chicken, salad, peas, roasted veggies
Wednesday (7/8): ceasar chicken pasta salad (using leftover chicken from Tuesday)
Thursday (7/9): breakfast dinner - eggs, hashbrown casserole, fruit
Friday (7/10): pizza

I am creating ... not a whole lot right now. I am working towards getting some scrapbooking back into my days. I'm hopeful that I will be creating something out of blueberries this week - I think the girls and I are going to go pick them this week. A blueberry pie sounds really good. :)

I am going ... to try and get out for a bit today ... by my ownself. :) I need to run an errand or two, and may try and take advantage of yet another day that we have T home with us. (Have I mentioned how wonderful and relaxing this LONG weekend has been ... and we still have one more day of it?) :)

I am wearing
... jammie pants and a t-shirt.

I am reading
... the first book in Laura Childs' tea shop mysteries: Death by Darjeeling. Thoroughly enjoying it and planning to search for more of her books at the library today and reserve them! I also have Jean Fleming's A Mother's Heart: A Look at Values, Vision, and Character in the Christian Mother in my tote back and have intentions of starting that soon.

I am hoping ... to finalize N1's school plans this week.

I am hearing
... Super Why (PBS) in the background. Girls playing. Happy house sounds. :)

Around the house ... need to do some straightening today. A fun, lazy, family weekend it has been and the house shows it. I also want to do a little re-arranging (of course) to make a spot to display seasonal and specific subject matter books that we are studying.

One of my favorite things
... lists and plans and dreams.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week ...
as mentioned, I'm looking forward to taking the girls blueberry picking. A friend from church has blackberries on his land, and depending on how well the girls do with the blueberries, we may try blackberries next week. (The blackberries are quite a drive from us, but the blueberries are closer for a test-run). :) We have a 4-wk summer study at church for the women on Wednesday night and I'm hoping to go this week ... other thant that, business as usual around the house. Oh, except that T is traveling next week for work to fun and exotic places, so I'll be getting his things ready and making a game plan for me and the girls to get us by while I'm flying solo.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you ...


  1. I have never fried chicken.


  2. I encourage backyard camping with Daddy as much as possible. ;)

  3. ooooh those girls are too cute!

  4. Laura Childs also writes scrapbooking mysteries. I read two and then sent them all to Cheryl :)


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