Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Felicities :: August 14


Things that are making me happy this week ...
  • the county fair
  • the flexibility of homeschooling
  • my diet coke :)
  • blog posts that may not seem out of the ordinary to some, but totally encourage me
  • Friday night pizza and movie nights ... I know I say this every week but it is so simple and we ALL look forward to just hanging together. Tonight's feature film presentation: Mary Poppins! (Sometimes I feel sorry for T with all these girls. :) Last week, we let him pick and watch what the girls call "the Daddy movie" ... points to anyone that can guess what Disney flick that might be!)
  • notes that N1 leaves me everywhere .... they usually say something like "Mom I love you and I lick [like] you and your pretty" and "when can we go to the zoo?"
  • gmail chats with the niece
  • a God that is there and present and knows my frustrations ... helping me along sometimes when I don't even know why I am frustrated
  • videos my husband makes of our girls ... this is a music video he put together of our night at the fair. Enjoy and enjoy your Friday!

Williamson County Fair 2009 from Travis Shepherd on Vimeo.


  1. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Hmmm. . . I'll guess "Cars" as the daddy movie.

    Thanks for sharing all this--it encouraged me, too.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I hope I'm wrong - my Hubby and my Daddy love Old Yeller. What is with this movie? The dog has rabies!!!!!!!! Please, Travis, pick a better movie :)

  3. Anonymous8:44 AM

    You have me looking forward to the fair and missing homeschooling. Oh, well. We're planning on only being here a year and then it's back to homeschooling for us, too!

    Happy Weekend!

  4. Loved the video!! Friday nights are pizza and video here, too. We've been watching The Lone Ranger (original black & white tv series!!) on Hulu. Ah, the differences between boys and girls. Hi, Ho, Silver! Away!!

  5. ohhh you just reminded me... I have Diet Coke all nice and cold in the fridge, yay!

  6. Great list :) Love you!

  7. I have no idea what the "Daddy" movie might be..."The Shaggy Dog" maybe???

  8. We do Little Caesar's pizza and a movie nearly every Friday night. I don't love to cook, and by Friday, everyone is worn down. We look forward to it too. Mary Poppins is a great flick. Have to say, as the children have grown (11 and 13), it's nice to break out of the animated films for a bit. Those old Disney movies, like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, MP, and Swiss Family Robinson are fun.


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