Thursday, August 20, 2009

Read Along Thursday :: Reading around India


This week we have been schooling our way through The Story of Little Babaji. (Review here). Rather than talk MORE about Little Babaji, I thought I would share some of the other books that we have looked at this week that tie in to our theme of India (social studies) and tigers (science).
  • The Story of Little Black Sambo - this is the original story, set in Africa
  • Sam and the Tigers: A Retelling of 'Little Black Sambo' - a little different spin on the original story, again, and not my favorite
  • Pancakes, Pancakes! - at the end of the Little Babaji story, the tigers turn into butter and the butter is used to make lots and lots of pancakes. Eric Carle's pancakes book was a logical one to check out and read before our pancake supper last night! :)
  • Once upon a Mouse - a old folktale (and Newberry winner) about a mouse that becomes and tiger and then has a humble return to being a mouse.
  • Rikki-Tikki-Tavi - the story of a mongoose and his family that he protects.
  • No Dinner!: The Story of the Old Woman and the Pumpkin - a folk story that is from southeast Asia/India.
  • My Mother's Sari - a very simple book about how a small girl finds comfort in her mother's sari. The sari is the traditional dress for Indian women. I found it sweet that no matter what Mama wears, that is what brings comfort to a child - whether it's playing with Mama's sari, or a western child curling up in her Mama's sweater.

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  1. This is a great list of books and an excellentn resource for our future. ;) Thanks for taking the time to list books in your travels around the world. =) Lots of fun!

  2. How fortuitous for me that you are a week or two ahead of us in schooling! ;-)

    This sounds fantastic, Stephanie!

    So glad you played!

  3. We'll be studying India a little later this year so I will be interested in checking these out! I hope you have a great weekend, Stephanie!


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