Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Felicities ::: August 28


Happy Friday!

My happy list for this morning:

  • dinner with good friends tonight
  • a good week of school this week
  • a pediatrician's office that I love and that loves us (and yes, we made a trip there yesterday for my middle girl)
  • thinking and planning for a little girl's sixth birthday ... pretty sure it will involve something along these lines (although these are much cheaper at Target) :)
  • time to sit this weekend and plan for the week ahead
  • a second cup of coffee, which I will be getting right now!

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  1. Anonymous8:45 AM

    So glad you had a good week!

    We have TWO SETS of those dolls! (and a Nana who thinks what one girl gets, the other should, too!)

  2. I'm thrilled that you are off to such a great start to the school year! I enjoy reading about your activities.

  3. Dinner with friends is always a felicity at this house - Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend to me!


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