Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Adventurous Children's Classics!


This week's Children's Classics theme is adventure! As I was thinking of what books I could mentioned the two that popped into my mind could easily be considered the easy way out on this post. But truthfully ... can life get much more adventurous for a little one than The Complete Adventures of Curious George or the life of Laura Ingalls?

We are big fans of the mischevious monkey at our house. :) His antics are timeless and my girls can listen to his stories over and over (and over.) My favorite adventure of his is the original story, however, there are so many to choose from - how he earns a medal, when he goes to the hospital, and what happens when he takes a job. Did you know that George was originally going to be named Fifi? The life of the author, H.A. Rey is an adventure story in it's own right, and I reviewed his story (set during World War II) here.

Second, the Little House books ... right now, my girls and I are reading our way through By the Shores of Silver Lake. The book starts off with a bang - the Ingalls family is moving! Pa has been offered a job with the railroad and the family decides to take it. Most of the family is just recovering from scarlet fever, Mary is now blind, and they are in debt to the doctor. This move will get the family back on its feet and put them a little closer to family for a time. Within the first few chapters we get to see what riding on a train was like for Laura and her family - I had to laugh a bit because Laura was amazed that they would be able to travel a full twenty miles on the train and it wouldn't even take the full day. (Nowadays, my girls think that a twenty minute drive in the car is forever long! Hmm, not sure how well they would handle that train ride.) :)

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Past Children's Classics:
A.A. Milne
Beatrix Potter (specifically, the Tale of Jemima Puddleduck)
Make Way for Ducklings
The Little House
Ella the Elephant & The Boy Who Was Raised by Librarians (Future Children's Classics)
Henry Reed's Journey (travel theme)


  1. We are reading Curious George right now, and you're right! Mischevious adventure!

  2. You already know how we feel about LH. . .we love CG, too!

  3. Anonymous3:13 PM

    Good choices! I just started Big Woods with my Best Girl. I hope she enjoys the series as much as I did!

  4. Curious George! How could I forget about him.

  5. We love Curious George over here!

  6. Wow! The Ingalls family! I grew up loving, laughing and crying with the Ingalls. I'm in complete awe of writers who spin such classic tales.
    Maureen Hume www.thepizzagang.com

  7. Curious George is always on an adventure! We just saw the Curious George movie for the 1st time, and it was adorable. So cute, so funny-jokes for adults and the whole bit!

  8. Oh, Curious George-- of course!! My toddler LOVES George, as he fondly refers to him, (or sometimes just 'monkey!') I hate to admit this publicly, but I've never read any of the Ingalls books... perhaps when my daughter is older, I will have to remedy that!

    Thanks, as always, for joining in the fun!


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