Foodie Friday :: BBQ Beef & Rice Tacos


Week 2 in my recipe revamp project! This recipe is one that I love and credit for this goes to Kate over at Cooking During Stolen Moments. If you have not discovered her blog, you are missing out. She posts GREAT recipes that are easy and good. And what I most love is that she will break down the recipe into steps that you can take throughout the day to make the recipe so that you aren't trying to prepare the whole thing during the twilight hour. (Twilight hour - defined as that magical hour between about 4:30 and 6 p.m. when children and mama are hungry, tired, irritable, and the world has shifted a little on its axis.) : )

Anyway, this is one that used to be in our rotation very regularly and slipped off. I rediscovered it last week as I was perusing the cupboards for what I could make which the limited groceries I had on hand. Fortunately, all these ingredients are generally staples around here or this can be easily tweaked to work. You can read Kate's original walk-through of the recipe here, but below is the 4x6 card I printed for my own recipe project. (I apologize for the small font ... still trying to figure out how to make this work on one card). I made a few tweaks to the recipe when I made it this week - I was out of frozen corn so I used a can of cream corn, used dried minced onion from the cabinet, and left out the red pepper flakes. Still good!

BBQ Beef & Rice Tacos

Happy Foodie Friday! Today is my catch-up day around the house - N1 is off to her tutorial, laundry is whirring, and tonight we are having pizza and family movie night with the movie Tangled. None of us have seen it and to say that we have excited little girls here would be a HUGE understatement!


  1. Around here "Twilight hour" is the "Witching Hour." :) We have Tangled sitting on the entertainment center waiting to be watched tomorrow night for our Pizza and a movie. Can't wait!!


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