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Also, be warned .... loooooooong picture-heavy post ahead. If you want to see any of the pictures up close you can click them to view through Flickr. : )

I'm still going strong on my Project Life project ... it's just been a while since I have time to get some pictures of it to post. I'm about a week and a half behind on my journaling cards which I don't consider too bad. I would love to be better about filling out those cards at the end of the day and that's what I'm working towards, but I'm not there yet.

One thing I am enjoying is adding a bit more "extras" into the album. This takes me a little longer, but I like the additions to the pages. Below I've scanned in a drawing that B dictated to me of something her Cubbie teacher taught her a few weeks ago in class. I used one of my Crystal Wilkerson digital labels sized to fit a sheet of labels and printed it off and attached it.


You can see a couple more labels on this page - one is on the picture I trimmed to fit in a journal card slot showing the price to fill up my van. Ouch! I'm scared to think what gas prices will be when my girls are old enough to drive.


There's also one on this picture just to embellish it a bit.



You can see an empty journaling slot in the photo below. I missed a photo when I printed for this week so while I have gone back and added the photo (me taking a picture of B taking a picture of E), I haven't written a little card for it yet.


Got a little fancy with one of the pictures below in Photoshop. We had great light in the kitchen during lunchtime so I just snapped pictures of little people while they ate. Definitely see some of their personalities in this shot and since I couldn't pick just one to highlight they were all folded in to the same picture.


A few more little bits of memorabilia included below - we had friends over for dinner one night and went all out and made placecards for the table; there's also a nametag for me and the boy from a women's (one-day) retreat that was I was able to attend.


I am really enjoying sizing pictures to fit in the journaling slots instead of using one of the pre-printed filler cards. Just another easy way to fit a picture in that is worth remembering - like B playing our ukelele. By the way, did you know that ukeleles can be really, really loud?



For this week, I also included an 8 1/2 x 11 page protector between the full week layout.


One side is a list of N1's current favorite songs. I was making Easter rehearsal CDs for the kids at church and N1 asked if she could make a favorites CD. Do you remember making mix tapes? I thought it would be fun to have a record of her favorite songs from when she was seven. She wrote all the songs she wanted on her CD and we burned it for her. Granted, she doesn't have anywhere to play it other than in the car because we don't even own a CD player other than the ones on our computers. : ) However, she does have her "N1 favorites" playlist in our iTunes so I guess that's the 21st century version of a mix tape!


On the back I slipped in my grocery list from that week - it was my first-of-the-month restocking trip and I find it interesting to see what necessities come and go as our family changes. High on the list right now is yogurt, goldfish, tortillas and lots of veggies.


Another full page with a couple photos used in the journaling spots. There is a picture that one of the girls took of my iPhone - we are all about Phineas and Ferb right now when we have time to watch a short video via Netflix instant viewing. T downloaded them some of the songs from the show and it's been in heavy rotation when we are in the car. On the far right, you can see a little square pic from my iPhone that I took of my new bag. It had been a while since a new purse and it needed to be documented!


Up close...



If you have made it this far in my post, I'm impressed. : ) I truly do love this Project Life system of scrapbooking - I have actually found that instead of replacing what I would call "normal" scrapbooking layouts, it is increasing my desire to capture those bigger stories where I want to use more pictures and words to expound on an event or feeling. This project has just been an all-round boost to my creativity and I can see me continuing with this for many more years to come.


  1. i love that you're doing this. i might try it next year, too!

  2. Well, snort. These posts of yours ALWAYS make me regret not keeping up with this! Surely if you can find time to do it, I can too, right!?!? For the record & in case you can't tell, I love this!

  3. awesome album! love the idea of including the gas price!


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