Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Life is very full right now.

We are down to about 35 days of school left.

April weekends have been and will continue to be very full with Easter celebrations, music rehearsals, and the beginning of our family's crazy birthday season.

Not to mention a husband that has worked some long Saturdays at our old house. Last weekend, he completely replaced the countertop and sink in the kitchen. Before that was painting, new carpet, and lots and lots of yardwork. The old place is looking good thanks to him.

That said, I have lots of things to update in my head but time keeps getting away from me. :) Soon, I hope!


  1. hi~I'm in the Shimelle class with you_lovely blog~enjoyed looking at you photos and you food cards~what a great idea. I'm following and would love for you to consider visiting me!!

  2. Stephanie, I haven't been to your blog in years now (not sure why I lost touch!), but now you have two more kids! We are homeschooling, too, now, and are looking at a lot of things things you're considering using. It's been good to "reconnect" with your sweet family. Have a great day!


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