Friday, April 08, 2011

Foodie Friday ::: Two for the Price of One (Steak Fajitas & PW Apple Dumplings


Two recipes a week won't be the norm for my little recipe project, but last Saturday we had two winners that deserved inclusion so I made recipe cards for both of them. The first was a simple recipe for Steak Fajitas that I found in an old issue of Kraft Food Magazine in my cupboard. What sold me on this recipe is the little marinade for the steak - A-1 and a little salsa. Yum. These went over well with my husband who had spent close to eight hours working outside at the old house that day (mowing, edging, trimming, tilling the garden, etc.) He was bushed and this hit the spot for him.

Steak Fajitas

Next up ... Apple Dumplings made famous by the Pioneer Woman. These are unbelieveably simple and amazing. You can read the whole run down on the recipe here on her blog, but know that I didn't change a thing. I feel that the vanilla ice cream on the side is required, but it's completely optional. We had these for dessert Saturday night after our fajitas and had quite a bit left over on Sunday. My family normally joins us for Sunday lunch and we hadn't gotten the lunch plates cleared off the table when my Dad asked if there was any of that dessert from the night before left. (I had posted a picture on Facebook and said it was my treat after getting all four kids bathed). The leftovers were reheated in the microwave and immediately devoured.

If you need a simple dessert, this is your guy. Make these. : )
Pioneer Woman apple dumplings

Happy Friday! We're off to take a little six-month-old boy to the dr. for his check up. This time is going by so fast!





  1. Is that a summertime outfit I see on that cutie!?! I'm loving this warm weather we're finally having! The DLM is wearing a short outfit fir the first time this season today.

  2. Stephanie, thank you so much for donating to our fundraiser! It means the world to us,you have truly blessed our lives:) God bless!


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