I'm Just Curious

As I am coming off a very full and fun weekend, I've been thinking some about the blog that I have been neglecting. I put together a one question survey that I was wondering if you would take a minute to answer, pretty please? I'm just curious why you (or anyone) comes by my little spot here and what kind of posts are of interest. In the end, this will probably still be a little-bit-of-everything kind-of a blog, but I'm curious. : )

It will take five seconds to answer. Unless you want to leave me a comment and expound. But you don't have to. : )

Much thanks. And have a great Monday! (Just click the link above to go to the survey).


  1. Stephanie, I love hearing what your kiddos are up to, what kind of projects you are completing and just checking in on you. Oh I see there's a link to a survey. I'll click that now! :)

  2. I'm hear cuz you are my friend and I like being able to keep up with you!

  3. I just like reading about your day to day! That's why I come. I also love to look at your pictures because you make really cute babies.

  4. Well, you've never posted anything that I find completely BORING. ;D Is that helpful!? Perhaps not. I like seeing pictures of your kids. I like hearing stories about your day. Your creativity in the srapbooking department always impresses and depresses me because I know I'll never be that good at it. ;)

    Haha! As Misty says - you make really cute babies. And as Leah Belle said - because you are my friend and I just like to keep up with you!


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