Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I laid down for a quick nap after lunch today and I can't seem to get back awake. This swimming has been great exercise for me (and Noelle), but I'm glad our last day is tomorrow! I'm looking forward to not needing to leave the house on Friday at all. :-) Planning on spending some time list making on Friday for our trip to Ohio that is coming up soon. Need to figure out what needs to be picked up before we go and make a packing list.

A couple new homemaking sites that have come to my attention in the last few days that I'll pass along.

  • Menus for Mom
  • Lunch Ideas - creative lunch ideas.
  • Jamie's Holiday Plan - this is going to be a great help for me this year. Being due in January, I want to get holiday stuff organized and taken care of so I'm not heading to the mall or the post office anytime around Christmas!

    More later, Noelle is up from her nap. :-)
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