Monday, June 20, 2005

Summer Solstice today - apparently the longest day of the year. In honor of summer I've changed my blog header and it stars our furry babies who just don't get as much press as our non-furry one. They were feeling slighted, I believe. :-)

Busy weekend! We had a great time on Sunday at our church picnic. The weather could not have been more pleasant. For this slightly pregnant person to be able to wear jean overalls and NOT be sweating is saying something. The picnic was held at one of our church family's homes about thirty minutes outside town. Huge yard - they had badminton set up in the front, volleyball in the back and horseshoes off to the side. Of course, you'll never guess where I spent most of my time? :-) At the fish pond! They had a small man-made fishpond right in front of their house filled with fairly large goldfish. Noelle was beside herself with excitement. Her favorite thing to do at the picnic was to lay on her tummy and just stare down at the fish. (I was sitting behind her, holding on to the back of her overalls). My Dad was making bets that Noelle would be the first church kid to fall in the pond so I was trying VERY hard not to win that bet. :-)

Our Father's Day was pretty much a normal Sunday around here with the exception that my family came to our house for lunch. We made fajitas (YUM!) and just hung out. Noelle got Travis a DVD for Father's Day . . . Baby Einstein's Baby MacDonald and they curled up in our chair-and-a-half to watch it after lunch. I got about a 2 hour nap . . . a luxury!

By the way, Beth asked about Driving School. It was really pretty interesting. The guy that taught it was a good speaker and there were plenty of bathroom breaks. :-) Overall, I think it has made me more paranoid about other drivers that are out on the road (there was a lot of discussion about road rage) as well as more conscious about my driving. Still I'm glad I didn't have to take the 8 hour class - 4 hours was plenty. :-)

Tomorrow I have my first OBGYN appointment for the baby. Praying for a good report and that I don't throw up or do anything embarrassing when they take my blood. I'm so thankful I don't have to take Noelle with me in the morning - one of the college girls at church is going to come over and keep her for me. I so rarely get a real babysitter that I'm always a little freaked about what to do . . . making sure she knows Noelle's "routine", having something ready for lunch or snack, etc. It would have been fine to take her with me, but I know they are going to want to draw some blood and I don't do so well with that anyway. When I was sick a few weeks ago and had to have some taken at my regular Dr., Noelle was quite weirded out about Mama getting hurt and not liking it.

Off to switch laundry...

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