Friday, June 10, 2005

Jumbled Bits of This and That

It's Friday! My apologies for this totally random, jumping around type post - but I had fun. :-) Bread is rising in the oven, Noelle is napping, and I'm getting ready to do a few things before I curl up on the couch and make myself rest for an hour or so.

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Things that make me happy . . . from the mind of Nattie.

1. Air conditioning!
2. Dinner with friends tonight at their home.
3. The house smells like warm bread.
4. Church picnic tomorrow!
5. Noelle being uber-cute. :-)

Found round the web...

  • 3 names I go by: Stephanie, maMA (how Noelle enunciates it), sometimes Mrs. Shepherd
  • 3 physical things I like about myself: My hair, my hands, and .... ?
  • 3 physical things I dislike about myself: Tummy, tummy, tummy :-)
  • 3 parts of my heritage: We're so American, I can't begin to narrow down just three parts of our heritage. Very jumbled.
  • 3 things I am wearing right now: Wedding/engagement ring, glasses, clothes
  • 3 favorite bands / musical artists: Point of Grace, Phillips Craig & Dean, and The Martins. (So hard to pick 3!)
  • 3 favorite songs: These would have to be current favorites . . . Holy is the Lord by Joel Engle, For All You've Done by Darlene Zschech/Hillsong, and The Veggie Tale Theme Song by Bob & Larry (because Noelle now sings along to it!) :-)
  • 3 things I want in a relationship: Trust, fidelity, unity
  • 3 things I want to do really badly right now: Nap, go to Sonic and get a shake (Chocolate Cream Pie Shake to be exact), read.
  • 3 things that scare me: Having a long term illness, losing one of my children or husband, heights and tiny spaces.
  • 3 of my everyday essentials: Glasses!, Diet Coke (down to one a day), and a few minutes alone per day
  • 3 careers you have considered or are considering: Event planning, counselling, homeschooling mama. :-)
  • 3 places you want to go on vacation: Western US (Grand Canyon, California, New Mexico, etc.); Israel; England
  • 3 kids names you like: Noelle for sure, and I may keep the other two under wraps for the moment until we find out if Baby Shepherd is a he or she. :-)
  • 3 things you want to do before you die: Grow old with Travis, travel, watching my kids grow up and have kids.
  • 3 ways I am stereotypically a boy: I can fix things (take them apart and fix them), good with a map, and that's probably it.
  • 3 ways I am stereotypically a girl: Cry easily, pregnant, and cry easily. :-)
  • 3 celeb crushes: I'm so out of the loop on this kind of stuff . . . I can't say that I really have one.

    From Friday's Feast...

    Name one thing that made you sad this week.

    Finding out that someone spoke wrongly of me behind my back. :-(

    What was the last object (not person) you took a picture of?

    My garden!

    Who do you talk to when you need help in making a decision?

    Depends on the type of decisions - pretty much all of them I discuss with the Lord, then Travis; music related/church stuff, my friend Gina; really depends on the topic or situation.

    Main Course
    If you were a weather event, what would you be, and why?

    A blizzard - because I am PREGNANT and HOT!!!!

    Suggest a website that you think your readers would enjoy visiting.

    Obviously Women at Home! But one of my favorite sites to just surf is Movie-List - you can watch trailers for movies that are coming out in the theatre. :-)

    Your Inner European is French!

    Smart and sophisticated.

    You have the best of everything - at least, *you* think so.

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