Monday, June 13, 2005

Week two of swimming lessons for us! Big day today - Noelle put her face underwater. :-) She didn't really seem to mind until the third time that we did it and then she clearly told me that she'd had enough of that nonsense! After swimming we ran back home to eat some lunch, then went to the Drs. to have her ears checked. Finally, her ear infection is cleared up - yeah! Hoping that we don't have to go back to see the dr. until her two year appointment in October.

Our church picnic got rained out big time on Saturday . . . thankfully we had called it off before I had made the run to buy the food and paper products. We're trying again for this coming weekend. I have a massive wedding announcement project that I will be putting together, so other than buying the supplies and sending them out with someone else, I don't know that I'll actually make it to the picnic. Just have to see.

Tonight I'm checking my driving/traffic school off the list. I have to have it done before July 7, which is just days after we get back from vacation. So, four hours of that tonight and I'm done with it.

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