Friday, July 28, 2006

The Bloggy Tour of Homes!

A peek inside our humble abode ... some of it is picked up and some not. :-)

This is my blogging/scrapbooking/working area ... if you click on the picture you can see little notes and descriptions on my Flickr.

My very small kitchen. :-)

Our big room ... everything happens in here. Kid's playroom, my desk area, the TV, general hangout area.

And for my bonus picture ... our front room. We just finished moving all my husband's office-y stuff in here. He's starting seminary classes this fall and will need a spot to study where he can shut the door when he needs quiet. We had to redo the electricity in the room - our house is old and none of the outlets were grounded ... bad news for having lots of computer and music equipment in there. We know have something like 48 outlets in the room. :-)

Thanks to BooMama for hosting this fun event! I'm looking forward to making the tour this weekend and visiting you all! :-)

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