Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things that I need to do today, in no particular order!

1. Put the sheets on N1's bed ... they are clean and in the dryer.

2. Take N1 to her gymnastic class!

3. Finish packing up two boxes of baby clothes (one N1 size and one N2 size) for storage in the attic.

4. Compile one master to-do list from the several short and random to-do lists that I keep starting.

5. Send out a church email about the work day next Saturday.

6. Layout and print the church bulletin, prayer list, and sermon outline for this week!

7. Wash diapers.

8. Figure out a plan for dinner.

9. Seriously clean and organize my computer/scrap/work desk.

10. Get out my Living Beyond Yourself study and see where I'm at and COMMIT to finishing it!

11. Cuddle N2. :-)

12. Be silly with N1. :-)

13. Oh yes, the husband ... pick him up from work with two happy girls later today and hang out with him this evening!

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