Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Works for Me Wednesday, 7/19

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In my spare time (which has dwindled with two little girls!), I like to create personalized stationary for gifts. It makes an inexpensive yet thoughtful gift that you can taylor to each individual. One of my favorite things to make are personalized notepads. They are super easy - the hardest part is usually figuring out how to personalize it because there are too many cute options. :-) I use plain old 8 1/2 x 11 paper and, in Wordperfect, set up a 2 column document. Then I can import a graphic, add lines to the page if I want to, and further personalize it with the person's name or favorite Bible verse. Then, after printing your pad, you cut the pad in half and get two notepads. The next step is the secret to making cute notepads. You need to have a substance called "padding compound" - usually can be picked up from a print shop or high-end paper distributor. After you have printed your paper and got it cut to the right size, you need a piece of chipboard (the cardboard backing that is on the back of a notepad). Take your piece of chipboard and your paper and make sure they are stacked very neatly and evenly - you want it lined up as best you can. Then, I put it between two heavy books that I don't care get a little goopy - usually a couple phone books - with the pad of paper lined up with the edge of the book. You then take your padding compound and smear it all over the edges of your pad (on one side). Leave it to dry for 6-8 hours and - presto! - you have created your very own notepad. :-) Warning: these do get a little addictive when you start making them and you might feel the need to have a different customized pad of paper for any occasion! :-) They work for me!

Some examples:

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