Monday, November 20, 2006


Taking the Swonderings challenge from Women @ Home for this week.

The author points out that no matter how much or how little you put on your blog, there are things that your readers still don't know about you. "They wouldn't recognize your handwriting on a note, be able to discern your laughter in a group, or even know how tall you are. Take a photo of your handwriting, show readers your wardrobe, or record a short clip of yourself humming a tune. You've covered the big topics [in your blog], now get to the details."

I thought this might be fun! So if you can, post a sample of your handwriting or a sound recording of your voice, or even a never-before-seen photo of yourself. Be creative! Challenge yourself.

So, I've uploaded a clip from this past Sunday at church ... I'm singing the Doxology with two friends for our Sunday morning offertory. You'll have to log into Xanga to hear it - I could't figure out how to upload it to blogger, but I could to Xanga. :) Or you can click here to download the mp3 file. I'm the high part - you have to hang in there through the 1st and 2nd verse and then I come in on the 3rd through the end. :)

Thanks, Pattie. :)

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