Wednesday, November 08, 2006

We've been holed up at home for the last several days. N2 has come down with her first nasty cold (fever, green nose, the works) and amazingly, the rest of us have been spared from it thus far. I'm crediting large quantities of Purell as the reason. :) That said, I've been doing some decluterring and purging and rearranging. In some areas you can see a difference and in others, mmmm, not so much. :) Those areas just seem to have been stirred. We got out for the first time since Monday this afternoon ... N1 had her little gymnastics class and I thought she could use the time to run around and burn up some energy. Well, I needed her to burn up some energy! But we wore the little one out. She was so pooped when we got home and went right down for what I'm sure will be a long nap followed by an early bedtime.

The last few days I've been so thankful to be a S@HM. I haven't had to worry about calling in sick, getting someone to cover for me, or taking my sick girlie with me to get stuff done. I did have to get someone to cover snack for me at Bible study this morning, but thankfully, I was signed up with a dear friend who would much rather bring a little extra food that catch N2's cold. :) I owe her a Starbucks card. :)

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