Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Things that make me happy

I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned how much I love grocery shopping at Aldi's. Cheap, cheap food because it's all the Aldi's brand and packaging instead of Kraft or Kellogg's. :) My only complaint with Aldi's in the past is that they don't have lots of fat-free options ... something that this die-hard Weight Watchers girl (when not pregnant) is always on the hunt for. Over the last year they have been adding to their Fit and Active line of food ... healthier salad dressings, dried fruit, granola. But on my last visit, I spotted something that made me so excited - WHOLE WHEAT PASTA! Now, granted, you don't have many options on what shapes of pasta you want. It's spaghetti or rotini and that's it, but still! Yeah! And this week, one of my all time favorites has appeared - fat free refried beans. Just little things that help me keep our family on our grocery budget, eat healthy, and make me happy. :)

Oh, and thanks to Crystal at Biblical Womanhood ... go here for a free breakfast entree at Chick-fil-a ... free to the first 1 million signups. :)

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