Thursday, July 24, 2008

Clipboard Fun


So, Travis is having a little R&R right now and I had the house to myself last night. I was a little too wound up to sleep so I started a project that has been percolating for a few weeks. The girls are always stealing my clipboard so with them on sale at Wal-Mart for .97 cents a piece it was time to act. :)

This took a little more time that I thought it would, but the girls love them. I cut out everyone's name and an accompanying piece of clip art and then used my Xyron to adhere it to the clipboard. (Travis bought me my Xyron machine either the Christmas we were engaged or our first married one - I have used it a ton!)

I will confess that once I showed them to Noelle she decided that she needed Hello Kitty like I had so we took her sheep off ... not recommended since Xyron adhesive REALLY sticks! But we made her a cat and covered where some of the paper was stuck to the clipboard with a piece of pink cardstock. Lastly, I covered it all with a piece of contact paper so that any loose edges that might eventually stick up were not too tempting for little fingers.

A final touch, if you want:


Ribbon on the little clip. What would a girlie clipboard be without a bow on top. (Also good for covering that sometimes sharp hook-thing to protect little feet). I think these are going to get a lot of use !

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