Monday, July 28, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook ::: July 28

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Outside my Window ... hot, steamy, summer. Welcome to the south!

I am thinking ... about how much I am looking forward to this week! Minimal errands, our family is back together, and, as far as I know, I am just watching my own children this week. :) (We had a GREAT time with the cousins in our six days of day camp, but we need to get back on our routines and do a little catch-up on some things around the house).

I am thankful for ... Some new clothes ... my Dad took my sister shopping for a few new birthday outfits and I also benefited with a few goodies. A very unexpected blessing!

From the kitchen ... I need to have a grocery and menu plan by mid-week, but I think we will be having a fish fry tomorrow night to cook up some fish Travis brought home from his guys' trip last week! Yum! I also have to make a snack for my last summer Bible study get together on Wednesday and can't decide what to make. I'm torn between a new recipe for a Butterfinger cake or this yummy fruit salsa that you eat with cinnamon tortilla chips that I've made before.

I am creating ... some scrapbook layouts - I did three last week while Travis was traveling. :) This week, I hope to do some more, as well as make a notebook for Christmas planning. Yes, it's early, but I have some things I want to make this year and need to make a plan how I expect to get it all done.

I am going ... to make haircut appointments for all us girls this week (minus baby E). N1 especially wants to get her hair cut, and we DO need to trim it up so it's little less tangle-y.

I am wearing ... black sleep pants and t-shirt.

I am reading ... Along Came a Cowboy (a review book I recently received). While Travis was gone, I read three books (I have a hard time going to sleep while he's away): The Shack by William Young, The Jewel of Gresham Green by Lawana Blackwell, and All Through the Night by Davis Bunn. I think it's about time to pick up something non-fiction. :)

I am hoping ... for a quiet week, lots of time to settle back into just us at home since it seems things have been a little upside down since our family vacation at the beginning of the month.

I am hearing ... E tottering around and being extremely cute. :)

Around the house ... Laundry day today! Otherwise on the agenda this week is a needed mop of the kitchen and bathroom and a plan to go through my closet and dresser and clean them out.

One of my favorite things ... my journal, writing things down, and taping little memories in there.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week ... other than scheduling haircuts and women's Bible study on Wednesday, we have nothing. However, this coming weekend is another story. The girls are going to the grandparents and my sister's, respectively, and T and I have a kid-free weekend here at home for our anniversary. :) I'm looking forward to sleeping in past 6:30 a.m., maybe going to see a movie and eating out, and just hanging with my favorite person. I'm a little sad my girls will be gone (especially E since this is her first time away from me overnight *sniffsniff*) but I really need this recharge.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you... I think this was my favorite pic from our "day camp" trip to the zoo. N1's first time on a carousel by herself riding one of the animals. I love the laughing expression on her face here!

Shepherd Day Camp ::: Zoo

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