Friday, July 18, 2008

Ideas & Organization


When I haven't been keeping up with the kids, I've been working on a system to contain the paper ... long-term. Right now, it's contained - just not very well. :) The three binders on the right are for each of the girls. They are for medical info, extracurricular stuff (which right now is just N1's dance), etc. We were keeping all this stuff in Travis' filing cabinet, but I'm really the one that needs in and out of it and the fact that everything was just piled in a folder was getting to me.

My Idea Notebook

Totally proud of this idea ... and I don't think I stole it from anyone that I know of either. (If I *did* steal this from you subconciously, please let me know so I can give you credit!) :) Anyway, I get so many good ideas about school from those that are ahead of me in the homeschooling journey. This is my notebook to jot those ideas. For example, someone recommends a book that their 4th grader is reading and loving ... I can just jot it on a piece of paper and tuck it behind the 4th grade tab and it's their waiting for me, archived somewhere that makes sense.

Idea Notebook (inside)

At the front of the book, our state's homeschooling laws.

Idea Notebook, Tabs

This punch has been one of my BEST scrapbooking purchases ever (well, or actually one of the best things I've ever asked for for Christmas last year!) (I also have this larger one.) As long as I have cardstock, I can make my own tabs for binders and never have to buy them again

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