Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Daddy & Daughter

This past Saturday night was the Girl Scout daddy/daughter dance. Noelle felt so bad on Saturday (you all know where we spent Sunday morning). She had been running a fever and sick to her stomach, so the prudent parent would have said no to the dance, right? She was so disappointed, so we let her get dressed up and she and Daddy went to the dance for a few minutes (literally). After 15 minutes, they turned around and came back home where it was back to the couch with blankets and sprite. Poor girl.

However, didn't I get a great picture of my guy and girl out of it? : ) When the other girls saw Noelle getting her picture with Daddy there was much shrieking and a few tears that needed their picture with Daddy, too.

You will note that Natalie is wearing quite the fancy ballet outfit in her picture. We are in the midst of the dress-up stage with the her and Betsy-Boo. One, if not both, are usually dressed in some form of ballet or princess attire. Ready for any social situation that might be thrown at them. : )


  1. HA! =D I LOVE the photo of Natalie! And poor Noelle. =(

    I actually have a crystal clear memory of my father/daughter dance. ANd it was one that I wish had been happier as well!

    Ok, and I've kept my eyes peeled for GS cookies around here and have found NONE!

  2. we are also going through a dress up phase at my house, only I get super heroes not princesses, Batman, spiderman, fantastic four, we have have them all.......

  3. I was going through old pictures today and I happened across the one of me and the girls. It made me smile - They're so beautiful.

  4. Very sweet! We have all manner of cowboys, supermen, and spidermen at may house. And just this week we've added some young jedis. :)

  5. Sweet! So glad N1 got to go to the dance, even if just for a few minutes.

    My Louise dresses up ALL THE TIME, too. It's quite hilarious to see some of her get-ups.

    Our girls would have quite a time together!


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