Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. The girl scout cookies season is already almost over for us. Lesson learned: I don't like peddling things ... even things that are delicious and wonderful like girl scout cookies. That said, I think N1 (and I) did fairly well this year selling cookies. She's just over 100 and for first a first-time-selling-kindergartener, I'm okay with that.

2. I am slightly addicted to Farmville on Facebook ... I hate to admit it. My sister kept telling me how fun it was and I have to agree, it is. My farm is small - fits the amount of time I have to put into it - but it is silly how fun it is to plant my virtual pumpkin seeds and come back after the girls have gone to bed and see them ready to harvest. Maybe it's a little bit of instant gratification that I need because there are one or two little unfinished projects sitting around. :)

3. I'm a little excited about dinner tonight. It involves my crockpot, chicken, and sweet potatoes. Yum.

4. We went to the library today. I would love to be able to fit a weekly trip into our schedule. Right now, we aim to go every other week to pick up books that I've reserved for school and to browse the shelves. They have some computer that the girls can play on and I told the N's that they each had to pick out as many books as they were old before they could get on the computer. N1 came back to me with a bag FULL of books (I think the grand total was around 20) and it looks like she picked out some interesting ones. We also (thanks to a tip from Elizabeth) picked her out a couple Nancy Drew Clue Crew Books. She has been asking to read my Nancy Drew books and while I think she can read the words, I don't think she'd really get (or enjoy) the story yet. These are little chapter books that seem to be right up her alley.

5. I am super excited about the upcoming Olympics. We are big Olympic people in our family. Especially the winter ones. My mom is an expert with a capital E on figure skating and can rattle those Russian ice dancing names off like nobody's business. All that to say, I'm hoping to plan a fun family night around the opening ceremonies on February 12. I have many a fond memory of watching the Olympics. We would all sit around our huge coffee table and eat something warm and filling like potato soup or stew, eat popcorn, and put together a giant jigsaw puzzle. Can't wait to share those memories with my girls.

6. Who would have thought that it would be next to impossible to find a white cardigan for my 6-year-old? She and her Daddy are going to the Snow Ball on Saturday ... a girl scout Daddy/Daughter dance on Saturday and the two fancy-schmancy dresses that I have for her could really use a sweater over them. We made a couple stops tonight and struck out. Take two will happen tomorrow night.

7. I am making a little scrapbook for my N2 for her birthday. My goal is to take a picture a day of her this month and put it together into an album. I think she will be tickled by it ... and I have a feeling the other two will be asking for one in the near future.

8. I've been reading through Julia Child's cookbook and it is pretty intense. :) So far I've read through lots of sauces, aspics (ewww), and am now into egg dishes. I'm think I may try a quiche or souffle first from the cookbook. Some of them sound pretty fabulous.

9. I'm also getting ready to dive back in to The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. I love books that are based around letters and journal entries. It's the reason that Anne of Windy Poplars is my favorite Anne book ... the first 3rd of the book are letters between Anne and Gilbert.

10. I think Chuck is hilarious. :)


  1. I probably (might, depending on the size you need) have a white cardigan you could use or have for Saturday, if we only lived a smidge closer!

    Girl Scout cookies--YUM!

  2. We love(d) Nancy Drew Clue Crew! And also the Nancy Drew Notebook series.

    White sweaters are hard to find...except around Easter! We always have to wear sweaters (and usually coats) over our spring dresses. ;(

    I loved Guernsey.

    We're known as "The Sunday People" at our library because that's when we visit the library. We got out of the habit last fall/holidays. The kids aren't reading as much either...and that makes me sad. I think we're going before church tonight (it's on the way) so they can't tell me they have nothing to read!

    Oh...and Girl Scouts. I don't like selling things either--even things like yummy cookies. Your daughter has done GREAT. I haven't shared our GS story, but Abbey dropped out this semester (and we're not selling cookies). It's a story for another day, but it made me sad.

  3. I'm learning lots of things from my Julia cookbook. I haven't tried anything yet, but only because she doesn't use what's currently in my freezer inventory. Maybe that will be a February project.

    Your white sweater is my white knee socks. I have to buy girl's white knee socks for T to wear under his braces (they have to be thin and tall enough) and they're very hard to find! Whenever I run across them, I buy several packs (we go through them like crazy).

  4. i have to say, if you cant find a white cardigan in the area you live in ... they're probably out across the whole country, lol!

  5. Anonymous4:50 PM

    I'd never heard of the Clue Crew books. So what age are we talking about?

    Wish you were close enough and we'd have ordered some cookies! I don't know if we even know any Girl Scouts!

    I'd like to hear about the crockpot recipe if it's a hit!

    Have you tried Kohl's? That's where we finally found a cardigan for my daughter.

  6. White cardigans - Land's End. Check to see if a Sears near you has a Land's End section in the story. They carry the cardigans year round as part of their school uniform section. Ellie has a white one with ruffles down the front. VERY cute.


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