Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Travis took had Monday off and used it to study, study, study for a Microsoft computer something something exam that he is taking on Tuesday (today). He offered lunch out at Cracker Barrel and we said, "um, yes!" I can count on one hand the number of times that we have gone out to eat in a restaurant with the girls as a family of five. (Not counting restaurants where you don't leave the car (Sonic) or that are sweetly nicknamed Old McDonald's.) A fun treat. I love Cracker Barrel. Yum yum yum. : )


2. N2 discovered how tasty ice cream cones are yesterday. Before then, the girls and I had a good ice cream cone arrangement. They ate the ice cream, and I ate the delicious sugar cone. However, in her dilemna at getting all the chocolate ice cream out of the cone, she took a bite out of it. Then another. Rats.

3. I got a surprise package in the mail today from my Dad ... a brand-new cast iron skillet. A whole world of cooking has opened up to me. As well as the ability to really make some of the Pioneer Woman recipes out of my new cookbook. Now to choose one.

4. Today was National Popcorn Day. I had good intentions of making some with the girls today, but time totally got away from us. Tomorrow will be our makeup day on this one.

5. We are having a little birthday party for a certain almost 4 year old in less than two weeks, and I haven't made a single list to prepare for it. Must. get. cracking.

6. Do you have blogs that are comfort reading blogs for you? I've noticed recently that there are a few blogs that I gravitate to for comfort reading ... like I turn, on occasion, to time in Mitford or Avonlea. Whether it's because I need a kick in homeschooling pants, or because the person has the ability to make me laugh outloud while reading their posts, there are a few that have been that for me of late. What about you?

7. I've decided to try and do a 365 photo-a-day project again for this year. I started one last year and made it about 3-4 months, but this year I've got a new strategy. Over on the right (-->) is a little graphic of a camera. If you click it, you can check out my 365 photo album over in flickr (if you are totally bored on a Friday night or something). : ) I'll be uploading the pictures I take to that album every few days.

8. We had to take our bunny to the vet again today for an ear recheck. Three girls + bunny + one parent = an adventure. And by the way, bunnies are considered an exotic animal to our little regular vet. They do mostly dogs and cats, so when we called to see if we could bring the bunny in because of an ear infection, it caused quite a stir. Today, all three of the vets in the office came in to look in the bunny's ear. I think he was feeling a little self conscious from all the attention.

9. We've been reading lots of books on snow and penguins and winter weather and such of late. All sorts of cold weather goodness.

10. And speaking of books, tonight I ran into Barnes & Noble for all of about 15 minutes. (It's educator's week which means 25% off my purchase - yay!) I was looking for a couple specific books for N1 that I wanted to use in school over the next few weeks and I have to say that as much as I love browsing and looking in the bookstore, I couldn't find any of the books that I wanted. (And they were by a fairly popular/current author). Amazon is definitely easier and quicker in the long run for me right now, but I really miss going to the bookstore more often. Must make a note to do that sometimes / occasionally / when I have the rare opportunity to run out by myself.


  1. i do have some comfort blogs, but mine are generally fashion/style inspiration and not homeschooling or parenting related! ;)

    ps. have you ever read the nienie dialogues? her story is incredible! it's the only other mommy blog i read besides yours!

  2. aww, bunnies are the best pets - hope the earsies are all ok :)

  3. We don't have a B&N in town so I go to Borders and I usually have a really hard time finding what I want. I feel the same as you.

    Oh! I had popcorn yesterday! Does that count?

    I LOVE CRACKER BARREL! Unfortunately (AND fortunately!) there aren't any near me. =( I miss them. But not as much as I miss Chick fil A!

  4. I miss Cracker Barrel!!!! And Chick fil A! I told the Mr. that I might have to load up the kiddos the first of April and point the car back in the direction of home. The Cumberland Plateau. Buns are considered exotic for any vet really. My sister is going to school right now and that's the direction she's going. Exoctic animals. What's wrong with the bunnies ears? Ear mites??? (we have angoras and that's why I'm asking)


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