Monday, January 25, 2010

Pioneer Woman Test Kitchen: Cheese Grits

I mentioned in my first post of the new year that I had some fun cooking goals for myself. Not necessarily the most healthy, but one that I was going to enjoy. I received the Pioneer Woman's cookbook for my birthday and have now flipped through it several times ooh-ing and aah-ing over both the recipes AND the photos of her ranch which are scattered liberally throughout.

First of all, it is obvious I am not a food photographer. : )

Second, we made her cheese grits on Saturday morning. (Unfortunately, this is one of the recipes that is exclusive to the cookbook so I can't hook you up with a link on her website). Yum. Grits, cheese, and some garlic ... these were really good. Two of my girls even tried them and they both liked them as well. Her recipe in the cookbook serves 8; when we made it, we reduced it quite a bit and made only one-fourth as much as she suggested. There was still plenty for me, two munchkins, and a healthy serving left over. Safe to say, a full batch of this will serve a lot of folks.

My review, two thumbs up. Definitely a keeper.


  1. Cheese grits rock - jalapeno cheese grits are even better !

  2. love, love, LOVE pioneer woman. what a fabulous birthday present!!!

  3. Anything with grits sounds great to me!

    I've made her chili and chicken spaghetti from the cookbook. Both were crowd pleasers, especially the chili. I added all the extras she mentioned, including the masa. Which means I have plenty of extra masa if you'd like to borrow some. :)

  4. I live in GA and do not like grits! I know, odd! HA! But those do look good! I know all my men would love them! I love Pioneer Woman's blog.. never made anything from her yet though!

  5. I am a disgrace to my Arkansas roots, but... I can't stand grits. Just can't do it.


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