Tuesday, January 05, 2010

(Half of) Ten on Tuesday

1. We are expecting a heap-big snow on late Wednesday night/Thursday. We are a wee bit excited about that. I am making my list of all the things that I can't live without in that 24 hour period and anticipate rushing to the store with all the rest of the state in preparation.

2. It's girl scout cookies time! N1 is selling cookies for the first time, and done a pretty great job of it, if I say so. I'm looking foward to placing an order for my private stock of samoas and hoarding them for the next year.

3. After our three week break, we re-instituted our plan of no TV or computer time until our school was done for the day. We got into a bad habit of enjoying a little PBS in the morning and sometimes watching something Christmas-y later in the day. Nothing terrible, but not condusive to a good school day. We did great yesterday and didn't turn it on once. Day two is also going well (for the most part) but we are looking forward to watching a little Brady Bunch this afternoon after rest time. :)

4. Need some fun and funky kids music? My girls have been listening to this CD over and over and over again. The parents like it to which is a big plus.

5. I'm having a hard time coming up with ten things today ... probably since I actually blogged yesterday. And, I have laundry calling me so we'll go ahead and wrap this list up. I did have a couple requests to post a pic of the invitation that I put together for N2's 4th birthday. I was trying to come up with something we could do for her that wouldn't break the budget, was winter friendly, and would fit both boys and girls since her class has a fair number of each. (i.e., no princess parties because she wanted to invite the boys as well). We are ending up with a faux-slumber party-type party. Guests are invited to wear warm jammies and we're going to eat pizza and watch a movie. It's simple, but she's excited about it ... she has requested party hats for everyone so I do need to add that to my list for the big event!

Happy Tuesday. :)


  1. Thanks for posting the invitation, Stephanie! I love it--especially that you used four different pictures! :-)

    We're anticipating snow, too, which works well since we're reading Katy and the Big Snow this week!

  2. #1 - Even in Wisconsin, where we get "heap big snow" on a regular basis, we do the night before "oh my gosh! I'm going to run out!" shopping. I plan to go tonight myself - NOT because 7" of snow is predicted, but to do the last half of the monthly shopping (and maybe pick up extra TP, just in case)

    The invitation is darling! And what a perfect winter birthday party.

  3. CUTE invite! No wonder you were excited about them. =) And what a fun idea! Locking that idea away...

    In the meantime, enjoy the snow and your Brady Bunch later in the afternoon!


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