Insta-Friday on a Saturday

Just a few random shots pulled from my phone from this week ... it was a BUSY one with the oldest at camp. You would think there would be less going on with one away, but not so much.

Cutie McCuterson. Such a big boy.

The boy likes his bath. And seeing himself in the phone for a picture.

He's also learned how to kiss. Sort of. It's really wet. : )

Real kisses.

Another new skill: emptying the dishwasher. Sort of. But not really.

Cutie McCutersons x 2.

She doesn't like it when I put piggies in her hair, but when her cousin comes over, her hair always looks so adorable. I may need to take some hair pointers from my 13yo niece.

Someone joined us for Friday family movie night last night. (B's pick this week - Mulan.)  Can't wait until the boy gets old enough to through his picks into the rotation. (Not that I don't love a princess movie, but we've seen a LOT of them ... several times.)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I'm planning on participating in Ali Edwards' Week in the Life next week, but we'll see how much blogging actually gets done. It's our last free week before we start school so we're trying to cram in a few more days of summer fun. : )

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