Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Very Hot July Daybook

Outside my Window ... sun. Heat. Hotness. We're supposed to have hot, hot temps this week but since it's the 2nd week of July and this is the first that we've seen of them, I'm not going to complain! But I will miss the (slightly) cooler days where being outside hasn't been unbearable.

I am thinking ... that I am SO proud of our N1. She has always been a little timid around water, but in the last two weeks she has taken off with her swimming. Something has finally clicked for her and she cannot get enough of the water and I love seeing her enjoy herself and not being afraid.

I am thankful for ... our home, working a/c, friends, strawberries and blueberries, bathing suits hung to dry, clean clothes, summer dresses ... so many small things that are blessings.

In the learning room ... we start back to school in three weeks! Where has this summer gone? We have all the books that we need to start the year and I have a few school supply things I want to pick up, but other than getting my papers organized, I think we are ready to go. Now ... finding the time to get organized. That will be the tricky part.

From the kitchen ... making some oatmeal breakfast bars for the boy yesterday morning. He has discovered granola bars and can put. them. away. so I'm making him some from home to try and keep up with his appetite. We also made this new recipe last night in the crockpot - Puffy Pizza Cassarole. Yum!

I am creating ... messes. Literally. I have fallen off the list-making bandwagon and not in a good way. I have been adding pictures to my project life, but need to catch up the journaling, and have been working on some invitations for a small couples' wedding shower I'm helping with, but am mostly feeling under the pile.

I am going ... in a hundred different directions this week. (That may be contributing to the falling behind feeling!) N1 is finishing up swim lessons this week and that's an everyday outing, there are a couple playdates, a birthday party, hosting a friend for our first sleepover at our house, me maybe making it to a Bible study one night, and the hopeful outing to take T to see Cars 2 for his belated birthday present. Not much going on now that I've listed it all out. : )

I am wearing ... of late, lots of white t-shirts under sundresses. My pants are starting to not fit any more (which is a good problem to have), but I'm not willing to go buy new pants. Instead, I'm going the dress route so I can layer them, and then continue on through the fall/winter by adding long-sleeve shirts and leggings. 

I am reading ... Radical as part of the summer Bible study at my church. Rainbow Valley by L.M. Montgomery, because I was telling N1 about it and that made me want to start it. As an aside, N1 recently finished some an abridged version of both Little Women and is almost done with Black Beauty - abridged classics that we found in the $1 spot at Target. I was thrilled when she finished Little Women and said she LOVED it. She was telling T and me all about the sisters and it was making me very happy - one of my favorite books of. all. time.

I am hoping ... that this sweet, precious boy of ours figures out sleeping through the night SOON. I need to do a 9 month post about all he is in to - he is so busy!

I am hearing ... a little guy crawl under my desk while I finish typing, and a 4yo trying to wake up. Which means my time here is about at an end. : ) Case in point:

He sure is a long way up there.

No, that doesn't make me nervous at ALL! For the nervous, as soon as we took the picture, N1 went and spotted him as he crawled the rest of the way up.

Around the house ... how long have we lived here? 5 months? Long enough that I have hung all the pictures FINALLY. My project on July 4th was to figure out and DO SOMETHING WITH all the pictures that had been neatly stacked since we moved in. That can at least be checked off the list!

One of my favorite things ... has been having my niece around this summer. It has not been without a few cousinly squabbles but having her extra hands has been invaluable. When needed, she can help make lunch and taking the kids to the pool has been possible because of her help. She's at overnight camp this week and the girls keep asking if she's coming "this day."

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week ... I think I've mentioned all the events, but I really do want to so spend sometime getting some list-y lists made and some time with some thinkerly thoughts for this coming year. You can't read a book like Radical and not think about what you need to do and what that looks like for your family where you are.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you ...


A first for us last week - we dressed like cows for free chicken. I was amazed at the generosity of Chick-Fil-A. The kids all got free meals and Jordan and I got the adult meals of our choosing (as in, we could pick any combo meal on. the. menu.) And really, how cute is this baby cow? : )

Happy Tuesday! Off to tackle this CRAZY day!


  1. Um, we've lived in our house for 12 years and many of the walls don't have pictures. We repainted our bedroom what--5 years ago? And all of the pictures are still stacked behind the door. You're waaaaaay ahead! ;-)

    I hear you about being "under the pile"! Here's to hoping we both dig our way out soon!

  2. We're starting swimming lessons tomorrow. WE've tried them before. Talk about timid... I'm curious to see how this will work!

    And I hope your cute little fella does start sleeping through the night as well. Bookworm3 will make it to 5:45/6 (which I'll take!!!) but that's as far as we're going now.


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