Project Life Update ::: Weeks of June 12 & 19

A couple more weeks of Project Life ... playing a little summertime catch-up with this project. I am still loving it when I find the time to work on it. This week, I went ahead and ordered a second turquoise Project Life binder. There is no way that I'm going to be able to fit a whole year in here with all the extras that I have been adding. I'm looking forward to seeing what next year's binders will look like - at this rate, I may be a 2-binder a year person and will need to factor that in.

Anyhoo, here's the week of June 12. The overview - two PL pages with an 8 1/2 x 11 insert.


It was a big start to the week for our family. I took out the weekly date card that I usually stick in the top left slot and added a second photo with the date information on it. We dedicated the boy on Sunday as well as celebrated T's birthday and both deserved a photo. There's also a picture for VBS and a great one of the girls that I snapped while out shoe shopping of all things. The journaling cards are the standard ones that come with the kit with the exception of #4 - a photo of Charlie and Chocolate Factory which we flew through during read-aloud time.


Up close at the label - they are some of Crystal Wilkerson's digital supplies and I resized them to fit on regular Avery labels that I have. I use these on TONS of stuff.


The insert held two notes from the N's that they wrote for T for his birthday. Super sweet.



Page 2 for this week - a picture of N1 at an orthodontist evaluation, some B artwork, a little school and a special girl scout night comprised our pics. The 2nd journaling card from the left is a score sheet from Clue - I attempted a game of this with N1 and my niece one morning - none of us are good at the game, but we tried. : )


Week of June 19 - two pages of PL with a 5x7 insert.


The first pic is empty because I completely forgot to take a picture of T with the kids for Father's Day. I am leaving it blank because I WILL get that picture taken even if it's a month (or two late) and stick it in there.


The insert this week is a sweet note that N2 wrote one night (after she was in bed) and she slipped it on my desk for me to find in the morning). Definitely worth hanging on to. : )



Page 2 from the week - a little park action, the boy (I wrote write on the picture with a Sharpie pen), a picture from our Friday family movie night, and a picture of T with the boy. The journal inserts include an extra park pic and a piece from a new label of guitar picks that T opened. I am working on getting more of his stuff in the album (and mine) as it is easy to find lots of kid related goodies to add in.


There you have it! I have another week almost ready to post, too, so we'll see when I get back to it. This is (day) camp week for the oldest so lots of dropping off and picking up as well as regular stuff. I think I'll be ready for school to start so we'll be home more! : )

Have a great Monday!


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