I love looking at the posts that I see pop up on blogs for InstaFriday. (FYI - InstaFriday is a quirky way to share what you’ve been up to this week using only cell phone pics!) Here's a quick shot of our week via my phone...

Busy, busy, BUSY boy. I was working in the kitchen and turned around and he was GONE. He had places to go and things to do apparently.

He sure is a long way up there.

Speaking of ... when did he start looking like a little boy and less like a baby?

When did my baby start looking like a boy?!

We've been doing lots of this this week - swim lessons for the oldest. I kid you not ... two weeks ago she had a minor meltdown at the thought of putting her face in the water.

My little underwater fish.

Can a show just a small video to brag on her? Please ignore my scary voiceover.

More big boy shots. He is all about finger food. 

And, just for the record, I always hear people say that little boy clothes are not as fun as girl clothes. Pay no attention to them. Putting the boy in a little button-down the same color as Daddy's is my new favorite.

Rockin' out the new booster seat. By the 4th kid, our last one was shot.

Best friend + best boy. They will both admit to a little crush on each other. Although, you can see my friend is covering her neck. He loves her for her big chunky necklaces that taste delicious.  

Our closet door after T "worked" on it. A little girl managed to lock it from the inside and we had to eventually take the doorknob off to get in there. Glad we are going to be in this house for a looooong time. : )

Is it just me or does she look REALLY tiny up there? (Birthday party for a fellow 4yo at one of those jumping climbing places. My kids = ecstatic).

My baby!

Lunch. : ) Spinach, strawberries and grilled chicken. Still working on Weight Watchers ... plugging along little by little. Salads are a summer lunch staple.

Lunch: spinach, strawberries and grilled chicken.

Linking up with InstaFriday at Life Rearranged. Have a great weekend!

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  1. I rather agree about the boy clothes, although I have been so blessed with hand-me-downs that I haven't had to buy much. Our boy is BUSY, too! Love the pictures!

  2. busy, busy! love the photos ... i'm eating tongs of salads, too. =)


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