Friday, July 29, 2011

Week in the Life // Thursday 7/28

Not a lot of pictures yesterday - very short on sleep Wednesday. (Teaching the boy to sleep through the night is NOT going well). But, I did have some fun ones from the day.

Amy asked me if I'm going to put these pictures in an album and I am hoping to do that next week! I have a plan in my head involving baseball card size sheet protectors and I'm going to put this right into my Project Life album. Now, we'll see how much actually gets accomplished since we are planning on starting school next week. I have participated in Week in the Life for several years now by way of photos so I'm really going to try and do something with the pictures this week.

Breakfast: grits. N2 loves grits and will go through streaks on having me make them for her for breakfast.




Working with the boy on some morning room alone time.


T getting ready to head out to work.


His (to-go) and hers morning coffee.


Working on meal planning and a grocery list. Spent WAY too long working on this today because I just couldn't get focused.


After lunch cookies.


These two were having so much fun playing with this doll stroller. He LOVED being pushed around in it. It was cracking me up.


Dinner: spaghetti, brussell sprouts. (The kids didn't eat brussell sprouts ... actually am trying to remember if I fed them a vegetable at all ... oops.)



Clean boy.


Some of what is waiting for me on the playroom floor.


What T is doing downstairs - working on music for Sunday's service.


Evening viewing. We have tickets to see the last Harry Potter next week so we're reviewing.


Week in the Life is a scrapbooking project spearheaded by Ali Edwards. For more information, visit her website.

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  1. Love it! I'm curious--what kind of mixer is that?


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