Fifteen Months


Such a big boy. So very busy.

Can go up and and down the stairs, although we don't and haven't encouraged this at. all.

Wants to be outside whenever the girls are and is not longer peacefully content to stand at the door for very long and just watch them play and ride their bikes.


Can climb on most of our chairs and couches in the house, ergo anything on a table is no longer safe. If you walked into the school room, you would note that all the chairs around the school table are laid on their back on the floor unless someone is sitting in them. He hasn't figured out (because he has tried yet) that he can climb onto the kitchen chairs yet thankfully.

He doesn't have too many words yet - dada and mama are there, but he doesn't really call us by them yet. He can, clear as bell say, hi and ball. He LOVES balls. He also makes little "vroom" sounds now when he pushes his cars around. I love it and I love that we didn't have to teach this boy to love balls or make car sounds. He figured that out all on his own.


Thinks anything his sisters have is a prize worthy of obtaining. He loves to go into their rooms, climb on their beds and dig in their stuff. They are less impressed with this. If they leave one of their cups around, he pounces on it and drinks it as quick as he can before he gets caught.

Finally sleeps through the night consistently. Yay! He started doing this around 13 months, but I didn't say much about it because I thought it was too good to be true. He might wake up once or twice a week, but it's usually just to get his blanket straightened out which I'm more than happy to do for him. He MUST have his Grandma blanket with him when he sleeps - he prefers the full body / head cover and likes to chew on the corner of the blanket.

Wears size 12 and 18 month clothes. Mostly 18 on the top and 12 on the bottom. Adorable, chubby, short little legs.


Is very left-handed. That makes two right-handed (N1 & N2) and two left-handed (B & the boy). T and I are both left-handed.

Loves to laugh and be silly. I have a feeling he's going to be a funny boy the more his personality develops.


His eyes.

I love this stage so much.


  1. Sounds very familiar, though our boy isn't as much of a climber and he is talking a lot by now. Being the mother if a boy after girls is so much fun, isn't it?

    Love the last picture, especially!

  2. =D Fun times. I love it when they start talking (except when is my little Bookworm2 going to start forming sentences and share his thoughts on the world?!?!) and exploring the world. Your little fella is just absolutely adorable, that's what!

    (BTW, love your new blog header also!)

  3. Love those eyes!! Boys are so fun with their exploring and climbing and trucks and balls. So rough and tumble. :)


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