Project Life 2012 // Week 1

Week one of Project Life 2012. I was so excited to get started on this and finally had a little window last night to lay it out. I tried something new for the first time this week - sketching out where I wanted what pictures where before printing and that saved me more time that I thought it would!

#projectlife plotting for my week 1 layout!

[Marcy Penner has a printable you can download and print to sketch your week out, but I used plain old graph paper I had laying around.]

The overview, with assistant's toes:


Left page: included in the main photo slots on this side is a picture of my birthday cake from a family celebration on Sunday, a photo of the two books I'm currently working through right now, N1 in braids (inspired by our recent start reading aloud The Long Winter).


Up close. Collage created in PicFrame on my phone.


A little Instagram pic on one of the journaling spots of the boy. I recorded possibly our first real conversation, if you will, verbatim. If I hear the word ball once, I hear it a hundred times a day. Love our little buddy.


I saw a quote a friend shared on Facebook last week from Ann Voskamp and I decided I wanted to figure out how to include in in this week's layout. I had thought I might have an empty 4x6 slot I could write it in, but when I didn't, I decided to draw lines on my date card and just see if I could fit it all in. As you can tell, it fits, but it's not perfect. : ) It probably would have fit perfectly if I'd typed it on something and pasted it on, but I really wanted to hand write it.


I had one insert for this week. This was originally a 12x12 page that had spots for six 4x6 photos. I had six photos I wanted to include from a walk that the girls and T went on last week so I cut off the part of the protector I didn't need. I cut a plain grid journaling card in half and add it to the first photo and last photo. Of note: N1 took all these photos while on their outing and she got some great shots!


I had N1 journal on the last photo and explain why there was a photo of a minuscule Daddy. : )


On the right side: photos representing some owl studies we did this week, N2 doing some school work, a photo of N2 and her BFF, and a photo of the boy at Home Depot.


I've noticed that the cards in this year's kits are laid out so I have more journaling room. Yay!


On the last journaing spot, I include a photo collage from dinner Saturday night. Travis bought me Julia Child's cookbook well over a year ago and I finally got up the courage to make my first recipe out of it.


Sharpie right on the top of the photo.


T sent me this picture with is phone on the "guys" first trip to Home Depot together. The boy is dressed appropriately in a flannel shirt and overalls. : )


And with that, we have week one done! : )


  1. I love peeking into your life through your scrapbook pages. :)

  2. What a great idea to cut the pp down to size to include six more photos! I love that! Your handwriting is so fun and pretty!

    You know I love this, right?

    1. I had such angst cutting that page protector which is silly. : ) Thanks, friend. So glad you are doing this this year, too!

  3. Love the pic of the boy in Home Depot. (Envelope in the mail!)


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