Instagram Friday // January 27

A little of this week's randomness:

Yesterday started fairly early with percussion.

Some mornings need percussion.

It ended with an impromptu jam session in the front room.

Husband on electric guitar, little girls on keyboard, biggest and baby on piano. 10yo neighbors comment "you must be lucky to have all this." Yes, yes I am. :)

I'm guessing it goes without saying that it was a loud day yesterday? : )

N1 took part in a cooking field trip on Wednesday. Her concoction that she left the class with:

She gave it to her Dad. Hmpf.

We had to get out a bit on Tuesday to meet a service person at our church. The kids ran around outside (in short-sleeves!) and got some much needed fresh air.

A little outside time while we wait at the church.

The boy thinks he's big stuff running with the sister. He will probably get upset with her in about 2.2 seconds, but for now he's good.


Just a little Friday randomness!


  1. Love it! We do Book-It as a reading incentive challenge. My kids love to read but this helps them read "up" a bit if you know what I mean. And due to your post yesterday, I encouraged the eldest girl to try Story Girl (and she IS one, too). She started reading the first chapter and said, "I think I like it..." Thanks for the suggestion.

    And YUM! on the food concoction -- and FUN on the impromptu music jam. We've been doing a bit more of that round here -- it's been nice to have music return to the hubby's fingers...anyways...have a great weekend.

  2. Cute! Love the pic of the jam session especially!

  3. Ah, percussion. Isn't it always loud at your house with 4 kids? :) It is at mine! Yeah for fresh air!


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