January Reading Plans

A few plans for January in the bookish department.

I'm planning on participating in Carrie's L.M. Montgomery challenge again this January. (Click the snazzy button below for info).

L. M. Montgomery Reading Challenge

My goals are to reread The Story Girl and The Golden Road. I had thoughts of reading one of these aloud to the girls, but since we just finished Little Men (which I hope to blog for Read Aloud Thursday), I wasn't up to another book with loooong chapters for a read aloud. Instead, we are working through The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I hope to pull the girls in to this challenge with a few episodes of Avonlea via Netflix if it fits.

I'm also participating, as I can, in the Reading to Know book club for 2012.

Reading to Know - Book Club

This month's selection is Ravi Zacharias' Beyond Opinion. To say this is something outside my normal reading would be a HUGE understatement. I've finished chapter one (whew!) and hope to tackle more of this book this month, even if I don't finish it.

In other news, I've worked up N1's Winter Reading List which will take her to the end of February.


Her choices for the next two months. She's required to read two ... anything beyond that earns a prize.



Not too much in the way of lofty goals, for this month. Overall my goal is to just make more time for reading that I did in 2011. Hopefully posting (occasionally) on what I'm trying to accomplish will help tick a few of these to-read's off my list. : )


  1. Beyond Opinion is TOUGH! Whew! Glad to hear someone else thinks it is as well. I had said I was going to participate but I'm thinking I may only get in a chapter a week instead of a chapter a day!!!

  2. Everyone is scaring me with this Beyond Opinion talk! I'm trying to finish up one more book before I dig in. And I'm thinking when I DO dig in I will have to push everything else off to the side so that I can concentrate on it fully. It sounds like a WONDERFUL read. Just a very, very thoughtful read!

  3. Holy Moly! You give prizes for reading!! My oldest would read break my bank in a hurry! I do need to be more intentional about what he's reading though. You've given me food for thought.


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