Project Life ::: Week 2, January 8-14

Week 2 of Project Life.

This week has another 12x12 insert cut down to hold 6 4x6 photos. (Obviously, when these run out, I need to invest in some of these page protectors). There's also an 8 1/2 x 11 insert holding our coloring pages from  last week's painting day! A full week it was. : )


On the left:

  • a photo from the boy's 15 month check up on Monday. (This would have been a Sunday photo slot, but I didn't have one to include this week). A few stats are included on the card. He has a funny look on his face in this picture, but he was really relaxed and resting his head on N1's shoulder. Little did he know that his shots were next!
  • a photo of my coffee and bag in the car
  • up close of N1. (She looks tired to me in this picture, but I loved this shot of her.)
The journaling cards include a photo of N1 running into the library by herself to pick up a hold (and how I feel about that!), and one of the boy eating coloring with crayons.


Up close:


Our insert on painting day. I cut and pasted the text from the blog post into a 4x6 card on my computer and it just b.a.r.e.l.y. fit with some editing.


8 1/2 x 11 insert.


I had to use 2 8 1/2 x 11 inserts to get all three girls color wheels in ... I could have stopped and scanned them in and shrunk them but I was feeling lazy and I love them full size. I ended up with one side empty so I just slid in a note that N2 wrote B one night while she was laying in bed.


It's awfully cute. : )


The right side:

  • A close up of B from painting day.
  • Our "snow" day. Ha.
  • The girls helping me clean and cut fruit after a grocery story run. N2 was explaining to B how to cut strawberries, and between the two of them, they were eating as many as they were cutting!
  • A photo from a company dinner we had Saturday.


One photo of the boy in a journaling spot. His face! I can hear him yelling when I look at the picture.




For the large pictures of N1 & B, I didn't do any day-specific journaling but a little life-right-now for both of them.



Happy Friday! We have Bible study this morning and I'm hoping to get a little school done this afternoon before our weekend starts. I'm already looking forward to my Monday night when I pull out my PL stuff and get to do this all over again. : )


  1. Love it! That is a great pic of N1, and I, too, can hear the little man screaming in that picture. (Looks familiar!).

  2. Oh, and I meant to say thanks for reminding me of 6x6 and 8x8 page protectors. The 6x6 size would be perfect for my weekly photo collages. I'm so out of the loop that I had forgotten about those!


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